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Enterprise 2.0 reads – February 2010

  February has been a really interesting month. Highlighted by the buzz around the IPad, the launch of Google’s Buzz and the entire media tornado that followed, forrester proclaiming property over their consultants opinions, Yammer’s recent announcement, pleaseRobMe controversy and much much more. But I’m not willing to aggregate news here (There is Google News for that). These series are mainly about thoughts that have been shared by great minds and that somehow hit a co

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Apple obtient enfin ses brevets pour la technologie Unibody

Premièrement, la technologie Unibody, qu’est-ce que c’est? La technologie Unibody est simplement le fait de construire une pièce en aluminium, sachant que ce matériau améliore non seulement la solidité de l’appareil, mais aussi sa légèreté (c’est comme les vélos, ils sont préférés pour leur cadre en aluminium). Cette technologie a été créée avec les Macbooks

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Relearning to be disconnected

  Image courtesy UNPLUG: The Painting I've always had high respect towards people who, with few words, manage to encompass profound meanings. And it’s even better when it’s in 140 characters. I encountered, last week, a very thought provoking tweet by @alaindebotton : We have become such experts at being always in touch, informed, connected. Now must relearn how to be silent, disconnected, alone. I’m the first one to confess, I’m an Interneta

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Techwomen takeaway II: Done is better than perfect

This is the review of a Facebook techtalk we attended as part of the Techwomen program. "Done is better than perfect" was on one of the signs I saw in Facebook's building and is one I found to reflect perfectly the culture of the company.  You do not get to more than 500 million active users, 30 Billion pieces of content shared every month and more than 700 Billion minutes spent monthly on your website without having a great company. In fact, it has been found that in the war of talents, Fa

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