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Enterprise 2.0 reads – February 2010

  February has been a really interesting month. Highlighted by the buzz around the IPad, the launch of Google’s Buzz and the entire media tornado that followed, forrester proclaiming property over their consultants opinions, Yammer’s recent announcement, pleaseRobMe controversy and much much more. But I’m not willing to aggregate news here (There is Google News for that). These series are mainly about thoughts that have been shared by great minds and that somehow hit a co

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L'impact des Réseaux Sociaux sur la vie des entreprises

La magie des réseaux sociaux - appelons çà de la magie pour faire simple - est d'avoir réduit le coût de production d'un message, le temps passé à le rédiger et le diffuser et SURTOUT d'avoir offert un accès égal à tous  - entreprise et clients - au même outil de communication.

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Enterprise 2.0 reads – January 2010

  Here are some great reads of January. You can also check @oscarberg , @bduperrin  and @aponcier for their weekly updates. Have a great February everyone! Yammering away at the office Social networks are being used to break down internal barriers in the corporate world …The argument for using a system that allows the world to see what a firm’s employees are up to is that it helps make faceless corporations seem more human in the eyes of their customers. A study last

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Enterprise 2.0 reads - August 2010

  Under the blazing sun of August, enterprise 2.0 experts and practitioners have been shining their brightest with great articles and insights. Here is a taste of what I think to be the most exquisite #e20 reads of last month:  Enterprise 2.0: All Social Software is Not Created Equal    Software for the business is, and should be, different from that offered in the consumer market.  Today's expectations are being set by the consumer marke

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